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5 Best Android Download Managers In 2019


Download Managers

Download managers are an app genre that not many folks think about. Download managers are something that allow you to download files, or even operate how a file is downloaded. Stock Android comes with its download manager, and it usually allows you to download a single file at a time. Sometimes it can be slow, and there are other times where the download manager just doesn’t work well, erroring out, making downloads disappear, etc. So, are there download managers out there that work better than what stock Android is? The answer is yes!

There are countless amounts of custom download managers available on the Google Play Store, and they all do different functions. Some allow you to download multiple items at once, while others release speed inhibitors, allowing you to download really fast. That said, a custom download manager can be super useful. Not sure which one to pick up off of the Google Play Store? Here are our favorites.

Advanced Download Manager

First up on our list is Advanced Download Manager. With this custom download manager, you can download up to three at the same time, increasing productivity. Advanced Download Manager is able to greatly increase the speed of your downloads as well. You can increase speeds by up to nine multithreading instances. It supports all of the major browsers available right now as well, including Chrome and Firefox, as well as most OEM browsers that come with your Android phone.

Loader Droid

Next up, we have an application called Loader Droid. It might resemble that of the Android Gingerbread days, but it’s still way better than the stock Android download manager. It’s able to increase download speeds by splitting downloads into parts. Loader Droid even allows you some control over your downloads, allowing you to pause them and schedule them for later.

Turbo Download Manager

The goal of Turbo Download Manager is to provide fast download speeds, even for folks that have low bandwidth. Downloads can happen pretty fast, as Turbo Download Manager is able to boost speeds by using multiple connections and there’s even some built-in performance settings for extra speed increases.

Download Accelerator Plus

Download Accelerator Plus is another phenomenal option. This is one of the most modern download managers, giving you a cleaner and nicer user interface. It has a built-in browser with multiple, downloading files straight to a microSD card, and auto-resume features for interrupted downloads. There’s a neat function that allows you to log into your Google account and backup your downloadable or downloaded data to your Drive.

Download Manager For Android

Last, but certainly not least, we have Download Manager for Android. It’s one of the best download managers currently available, sporting some of the most downloads (a few hundred thousand). It claims to have three times faster downloading speeds than other download managers on the Google Play Store. It has a nice user interface as well for easy navigation. One of the more unique aspects of this download manager is that it has a built-in Internet browser and file manager. It has options for pausing and resuming large downloads, too.


As you can see, there are a lot of phenomenal download managers available on Android. If you want to increase your download speeds as well as your productivity (by downloading multiple files at once), getting a custom download manager is a no brainer. And the best part? Most of these download managers won’t cost you a dime! And, if you’re looking for lightweight Internet browsing or a way to easily manage all of your files, many of these download managers come with a built-in browser and file manager.

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