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Adding new feature to Mig Migi


In this article we try to introduce some of new MigMigi download manager (MDM) application’s features.

prior version

The prior version could download different type of file such as mp3, mp4, txt, pdf, zip and etc. Hence this application pass speed control to the users. In setting menu under speed limitation the user able to set the download speed manually. The rate of speed limitation can be kilo bite or mega bite.

The other amazing ability of the MDM

The other amazing ability of the MDM is provide the time schedule. What is time schedule in Migmigi? It means that the users can able to choose one of the options of timing which is first “download now” and the second one is “add to queue”. By passing the download file to the queue part you download link is save to the list which is being download at the time that user set for MDM to catch the files. This is ability of this download manager which pass the nicer accessibility to schedule downloading. In the setting menu under download schedule the user can set the time [hour and minuet] and the date which is preferable for user to download the files.

What is new in Migmigi version

In the new version users can be able to tell the MDM what it should done after finishing the download procedure. For example in sleep mode after the download became complete the device is going to sleep mode. Hence for shout down and hibernate the same progress happened.

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