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Who is an influencer? What is influencer marketer?

Influencer Marketing

Influencer is the person who is make remarkable influence on social networks and also is a famous person in that network as well.

The growth of social network is have has essential role in people daily life, which is came from the video and photos that share with other person.

The content of these photos and videos can be the act of normal daily action or special act of professional job and etc. Hence it could be the problem or special concern of people in different viewpoint of daily life, such as social, cultural, economics, politics, sport and etc. issues which they going to share with others.

When people find the content of these posts are close to their favorite or their idea then they follow the person whom shared this post. The result of these two acts (post and follow) is the person who share the post can get more followers and it could be more than thousands of followers.

These kinds of persons are not like celebrities, they are not be well-known in real life. In the other word they are only be famous in social network or virtual community.

Although they are not eminent in real world but they have great power to influence on sociality via the social network.

We can put the influencers in different categories but the main indicator for them is the rate of the followers. The influencer also has the Micro and Macro.

what is the different between them? 

The influencers who have over 500k followers called Macro and the influencers who have the range of 10k to 500k followers called Micro influencer.

What is influencer marketing?

Influencer marketing is a marketing by using the influencers which is a general description for this title. Influencer marketing is an international trend. This type of marketing became well-known from 2017 which it is going to grow up now rapidly.

Although word of mouth marketing is an old version but still usable in this century which is one of the favorable marking among marketers.

In current decade the influence marketing is showing the great power for marketer which they are not only use the old method like word mouth marketing also they use influence marketing. With being bigger world of social networking, the influence marketing is become the serious tools in this virtual world.  In the other word the influence marketing is new way of doing word mouth marketing.

The influencers are trying to provide the content based on the follower’s propensity.

The influencer is talking about the product, services and … which is promote them and because the followers trust the influencers, then they go to use or buy the products or services.

What is the different between macro and micro influencers job?

The growth of micro influencers is so interesting for marketers.

Micro influencers are the type of marketers who have great influence on the market by having loyal followers which they have essential role in engagement rate among their followers.

This amount of engagement rate is higher than the rate from macro and celebrities. This meaningful concept shows that the companies or startups most prefer to use micro influencers which has better ROI for them compare to celebrities or macro influencers.

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