Branding with artificial intelligence (AI) and its problems


One misunderstanding of AI and inadequate experience in this field, including branding, is one of the problems of this technology.

Inadequate experience and leak of human knowledge in AI is one of the problems of using this technology, including in branding.

Artificial intelligence is one of the new and important innovations of mankind. This emerging technology has extremely capabilities. Some AI capabilities include: automatic translation and dialogue with sign language, media control, internet search, social media filtering, medical diagnosis, transport related issues and targeted advertising. It seems that, all human and industrial aspects will be affected by artificial intelligence in future. These influences can be considered positive or negative. Consumers have methods to determine how much artificial intelligence is used in various affairs. However, if artificial intelligence is used in the branding creation process, it’s not easy for consumers to recognize it.

If AI becomes one of the most significant aspects of society, consumers should recognize and understand the value of this technology’s activities and influences. Also, how artificial intelligence affects them should be clearly stated.

Artificial Intelligence Branding

The basic question you may be have: “Why AI should do the Branding?” If Artificial Intelligence is to act as a tool in the background of our life, then what’s the need to announce it? Why should such information be given to the consumer?

Brand creativity has always been the main factor behind the construction of the impersonal process of industrial and technology-related organizations, especially when the performance of companies in terms of products and services renders their competitors slightly different. Brands are representing every industry, as well as the initial mechanism of doing business to create a different and unique appearance for consumers.

Each successful brand introduces itself to other people through visual signs such as logos, fonts, colors, and more. Each brand brings a product or service to a tangible and inclusive audience by creating a different experience comparable to other brands. The softness of the shoes, the sound of the motor, the way of door closing, the color of the tablet coating, the system logging mechanism, the hidden chip in

Incompatible design

The main obstacle to branding by artificial intelligence is that it is engineered that is not  easy understandable to humans. In many cases, AI is used to eliminate misunderstandings and reduce the awareness of people with technology. Unlike other brand elements, such as colors, logos, texts, sounds and styles of photography, Artificial Intelligence can be successful branding when  is completely inaccurate for humans.

Imagine going to the magnificent restaurant for dinner. The waiter comes to your desk and gives you an overview of the various flavors and fragrances they bring. Now imagine that the waiter will turn our example into artificial intelligence. How does this artificial intelligence can guide you about the taste or aroma of food you have to choose?

The humanitarian job is to understand, experience, train, and inspire restaurant customers. The dinner experience with the human intelligence is all that is not artificial intelligence can do. In other words, personal experience is self-perceived and slow.

For a long time, Netflix has been celebrating a major breakthrough in the development of AI-based search engines, estimated to cost $ 1 billion for this powerful suite. However, this search engine is inconceivable and incapable of engaging with users. Every program you see on the Netflix page is the same as providing artificial intelligence for you.


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