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Google is hiring engineer and designer to develop wearables

Google intends to hire a wearable gadget engineer and designer to develop its wearable products like pixel-watch.

Last year, there were a lot of speculation about the introduction of a new smartwatch by Google. Wear OS was expected to launch on the smartphone market in competition with Apple’s and Samsung Galaxy watch.
Apparently, Google seems to be hiring engineers and designers to work on the new product. Google plans to hire a new manager for hardware and gadget engineering to develop a wearable product development strategy, as well as develop their applications, features, and pricing, according to Google’s new job list released by Android Police.

Google also plans to hire engineer designers to manage the department of design for wearable gadget which design products that are interactive designed, attractive, user-friendly, and tailored to other Google products. At the moment, only Google’s wearable hardware product is pixel-badz. In October 2017, Pixel Badz was introduced to the latest Google wireless headphones. Google headphones were welcomed. Another wearable product of this company was Google Glass Enterprise, which seems to be waiting for its new release. In December, Google Glass Enterprise II was featured on Geek bench. Wear-OS based wearable products are also being developed by other companies.

The same approach is also available on Android OS-based handsets. Before the Google flagship, including Nexus and Pixel, were introduced, Android was used by other smartphones.

The Google Employee Listing Documentation shows that we should not wait for the introduction of Google’s new pixel-watch in the near future. It seems that the company plans to organize a design team specializing in the design and production of wearable products instead of buying a new company or manufacturing a product by another brand. In terms of background, Google has partnered with companies such as HTC, LG, Motorola and Samsung for Nexus and Pixel smartphones, but over time, it has come to the conclusion that it needs to have its own engineering and design team.

Earlier in January 2019, Google plans to spend $ 40 million on fossil science in the field of smartwatch. It was speculated that Google intends to seize the entire Fossil Smartwatch development team. But Fossil emphasized that it continues to operate in smart watches, and a team of 200 Fossil Researchers will continue to collaborate with fossil, and will successfully operate with 14 different brands.

Google’s new recruiters are set to work at Google’s headquarters in Montana. Google is seeking to hire people with at least 15 years of direct product development experience to sell millions of units of its product to markets across the globe. Google has defined high standards for hiring its own designer team, which it seems that a fairly limited number of professionals would qualify. With this conditions, it’s expected that the pixel watched time will be delayed until 2020 or even later.

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