Apple Request To Apple TV Plus Developer:Don’t Criticize Chinese Government


Apple request to Apple TV Plus developer:Don’t criticize Chinese government

According to last apple’s action about removing all Hong Kong protest tracking app from the App Store, Depends on a new report from BuzzFeed News  Apple  will develop its Apple  TV+ to avoid portraying Chine negatively

This reportedly isn’t a new development, but rather something Apple started telling many show creators last year. The specific wording of Apple’s guidance is unclear, but it comes down to “avoid portraying China in a poor light,” the report says.

Those instructions were reportedly handed down by Eddy Cue, as well as Morgan Wandell, Apple’s head of international content development. As we reported, Apple’s iBooks and iTunes Movies stores were shut down across China in 2016, just six months after they opened.  Apple  is seemingly looking to avoid a similar situation with Apple TV+.

For Hollywood producers, Apple’s instruction wasn’t necessary unusual:

Apple’s tiptoeing around the Chinese government isn’t unusual in Hollywood. It’s an accepted practice. “They all do it,” one showrunner who was not affiliated with Apple told BuzzFeed News. “They have to if they want to play in that market. And they all want to play in that market. Who wouldn’t?”

Meanwhile, based on BuzzFeed News one of the apple developers said:

We just get a phone call from Apple and they say ‘We just got a call from the Chinese government’ and five minutes later our app is off the App Store,” one US technology executive told BuzzFeed News. “It’s not a line of communication that would be open to any discussion.”

Tim Cook says that Apple’s decision to remove from the App Store was based on information the company received about individuals using the app to target the police. Nonetheless, Apple continues to face pushback about the decision.

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